Zapping Apathy on #engchat — Monday, September 12

If you’ve participated in #engchat on Twitter, you already know that it’s a lively, fast-paced discussion with English/Language Arts teachers focused on a weekly theme, although sometimes the discussion ranges beyond the announced topic. That’s what happens when creative minds start bouncing ideas off of each other!

On Monday, September 12, I’ll be hosting #engchat, and I hope you’ll join the conversation. We’re calling this session “Zapping Apathy in English Class.” If you’re an English/Language Arts teacher, you’ve no doubt heard some version of “This is boring” or “Why do we have to do this?” Let’s share some strategies and experiences for helping students move beyond those kinds of attitudes and toward an experience based on actually caring about the class, their classmates, their teachers, and yes, even the subject matter.

How can we help our students care about our classes? How can we promote and build a sense of community within a class? How can we show students that we care about them and our subject matter, and it’s OK if they join us? What role can technology and social media play in zapping apathy? How can we ensure that our English/Language Arts classes are relevant to our students’ lives outside of school? How can teachers stay energized for an entire school year and not become apathetic ourselves?

These are some of the questions we’ll explore in #engchat on Monday, September 12 from 7-8 p.m. EST/ 6-8 p.m. CST. Let’s have some fun.

Thanks to Meenoo Rami and Cindy Minnich for providing such a rewarding professional development forum. Visit the #engchat website to learn more.

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One Response to Zapping Apathy on #engchat — Monday, September 12

  1. Cindy Minnich says:

    I love this topic and cannot wait for this #engchat!!! Thank you so much for agreeing to host and for picking this topic. We can all use this (and might need to revisit the topic/archive later in the year)!


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