“Why Read?”

After our in-class reading time today, my English II class had a few spare minutes. I wrote on the board “Why Read?” and asked this group of sophomores, “Why do we read books? What good does it do?” Hands shot up everywhere, and they quickly generated a pretty impressive list of responses:

• Reading helps your imagination.
• You can apply what you read to real-life situations.
• It helps your writing.
• You can escape your world.
• Reading helps you understand different perspectives.
• You learn moral lessons.
• You can learn about different cultures.
• It’s fun.
• It expands your viewpoints.
• Reading a lot helps your comprehension.
• Your vocabulary grows.
• You learn new things.

I think it’s going to be a great year with this group of smart people!

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One Response to “Why Read?”

  1. kfasimpaur says:

    Love it! Yay for your students! I’m going to go follow this advice now and read!


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