Pre-Thanksgiving What’s-Not-Wrong

Just in time for Thanksgiving, here is a list of What’s Not Wrong, courtesy of my students.  I’m grateful for every one of them:

• My grandma turned 98 yesterday.
• Love
• Eating a warm breakfast
• Sunsets
• Being single
• This class
• The Principality of Seal
• Having a good laugh
• “American Horror Story”
• Me
• Not being single
• “Call of Duty”
• Something that is right
• Truth
• “MW3”
• Having fun
• Pie
• Cheesecake Factory cheesecake waiting for me at home
• Choosing your own faith
• Thinking scary movies are funny
• Halloween
• Us writing answers to this bizarre question
• Sleeping
• My job at the Jewels
• My health
• The winter drumline season is starting.
• Grades
• Chipotle burrito filled fried rice and orange (unintelligible)
• I started off the quarter with all As.
• I love art.
• I got into college.
• I got money from my dad.
• I just got a new job this week.
• Sleeping in and spending the day in bed
• Sleeping late
• Thinking positive
• No homework = afternoon naps
• Playing sports
• Gym football
• Living a day not worrying about the future and tomorrow because we only live todays, and you should be satisfied with your todays. That makes a good life.
• Food
• Reading for ten minutes before class starts
• Yesterday was “No Homework Day.”
• Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan could make LeBron James and Dwayne Wade look like fools in a game of 2-on-2.
• Surprising yourself with an ability you never knew you had
• Reading every day
• The right to human rights. Love is love.
• Thorns are dangerous.
• A good book
• My book I’m reading is fantastic.
• Good food
• Happiness
• Helping
• I am finished with all of my college applications.
• My grades
• My relationship with my boyfriend
• English class
• My family
• Soccer
• Life
• Home
• Altruism
• I get to cheer on my boyfriend at state Friday and Saturday.
• I have a wonderful family I can trust and love without fail.
• My amazing book
• My life
• Tea
• I am going to start working on Monday.
• I’ve been accepted to college.
• I got into 2 of 6 colleges so far, both with scholarships.
• Education
• School is not wrong.
• A good tasting pizza
• I brought my snacks today.
• My grades are great.
• Taylor Swift
• My hair
• Whatever you think is not wrong
• Sports Lit
• V-neck Thursday
• I don’t have a lot of homework.
• My ability to remember lyrics to songs
• Musical
• I’m going to college.
• Baseball
• Pursuing your dreams
• Fifteen minutes of reading, not ten
• Orville Redenbacher is a company that is subject to a conspiracy theory dealing with governmental affairs.
• Eating a bagel on a Saturday night
• Ningin’ it up
• Watching a movie / listening to music / reading a book to escape the “real world” for a while
• Your amazing hair
• Eating smores on the moon with your dog, then flying back to earth while listening to some classical music
• My mom
• Squirrels
• Just about everything

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2 Responses to Pre-Thanksgiving What’s-Not-Wrong

  1. karen says:

    Nice. I needed this today. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Glenda says:

    One more: Reading this fantastic list while standing in a long line at the supermarket.
    Happy Thanjsgiving


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