Guess My #NerdyBookClub Retro Review Book?

Like so many others with a bookish inclination, a daily highlight is reading my subscription to the Nerdy Book Club blog. Each day subscribers receive a few hundred words about interesting books, authors, how books became important in a club member’s life, or other aspects of collecting, reading, or teaching books.

Every Thursday installment of Nerdy Book Club features a “Retro Review,” a post about a not-so-current book that a writer still finds of value. For this coming Thursday, March 8, I’m honored to be the guest blogger/retro-reviewer. All I’ll say here is I greatly enjoyed re-visiting, writing about, and maybe giving back a little to a book that was very important to me once upon a time.

Any guesses which book I wrote about? (Amy Pine and my wife Michele are not allowed to guess because they helped me edit the post.) Tune in to Nerdy Book Club on Thursday to see if you’re right!

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One Response to Guess My #NerdyBookClub Retro Review Book?

  1. jaclynderose says:

    I’m going to guess To Kill a Mockingbird!


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