What’s Not Wrong? April 3 Edition

Whatd-not-wrong-blueyellowEvery so often my classes do a little activity called What’s Not Wrong? It takes about four or five minutes. The idea is to forego thinking about all of our problems and simply write down one thing that is absolutely and incontrovertibly not wrong. Then I read them aloud anonymously, and we enjoy a breeze of positivity in what might otherwise be a gloomy day–like today.

Today’s list provides some testament to our brutal Midwestern winter, as well as on-going concerns with food, college, homework, and quite a few other things. In several cases more than one student wrote exactly the same word or words, even though they may have been in different classes.  Those are indicated in parentheses.  Here is today’s What’s Not Wrong list compiled from five classes.  Enjoy.

I have my pencil.
4096 tile
It rained this morning.
Roll Tide
How I live my life
Apple pie
Summer (2)
My family (2)
My college decision
God (2)
Food (3)
Off to college soon
Using your phone on a test
The practice of religion
Being happy (2)
It’s almost summer.
School’s almost over. (2)
6-hour baseball games
Having fun
Food of any kind
Baseball is back.
Basketball (2)
My job
Being pretty
Comfy chairs
It’s thunderstorming outside. Yay.
I farted just now and no one knows.
It’s getting warmer.
Life (2)
I volunteered at CARE yesterday.
Eating snacks before dinner
I got into the college I wanted. (2)
Tomorrow’s Friday. (5)
Today was a rare day where I managed to have no homework and nothing (that I can remember) after school.
Homework tonight, 0
Mr. Anderson’s 8th period English class
Some damn good food
Got a new workout plan and it’s awesome.
The rain today because that means it’s getting warmer
It’s only going to get better. Even though I stumble I’m still breathing. It’s one thing to walk the line, but it is even better to have a sense of direction.
My wifi being fixed
My book
This class
I’m here early.
My spring break baseball suspension is over.
Chicken wings
Sleeping in
Cubs are 0-2.
Expository Composition
It’s Thursday.
I beat 2048.
My grandma made peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.
There is a form of cryptocurrency called the doge coin.
There are, as yet, no sub-quantum irregularities that might cause unusual things to happen, like spontaneous conversion into an unfortunate hard-shelled reptile.
It’s raining.
I’m Batman (maybe).
The disappearance of snow
Stopping for pedestrians
Summer is coming.
My god-like body! and Culver’s, Shamrock Shakes, and food in general
Leda and Mario
Man United tying Bayern Munich in the Champions League
My quarter grades
Career Treks
It’s a rainy day.
When your family says they love you
High school is ending!
It’s not winter.
My health (2)
Being able to relax after school
My friendships
On track with last class
Documents got in
Teachers that care
I only have history homework.
We get finals off.
My best friends
Having a good time
Getting accepted into college
Giving to charity
My phone works.
Weather getting warmer
I’m leaving for California today at 12.
Captain America 2 comes out tomorrow.
Blog posts
Hardwell is in 7 days.
Hardwell in 8 days
Even through recent struggles, I am satisfied with myself and my life, and I’m writing a pretty good poem.
Nerd-ing out with friends
Dog Frisbee
Going to see Captain America: Winter Soldier at midnight tonight
Hour-and-a-half practice
Rain, rain, rain, rain
Rice cookies
Hot showers after working out
Co-ed sleepovers (2)
I only have studying for homework tonight.
Dark chocolate
Banana smoothies
It’s finally spring!!!
2 more months of school
Fun !!!!

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4 Responses to What’s Not Wrong? April 3 Edition

  1. cmkervina says:

    I love this idea, Gary. It’s the last day of our quarter, and with tests looming, grades coming, and course choices made, I’m sure my students are focused on far more negative than positive aspects of their lives. I’m going to try this today with my AP students!


  2. cricketmuse says:

    Agreed–Great idea!
    I’ll try it with my freshmen and compare it to that of my seniors. A little Venn diagram discussion might be fun.


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