#engchat on Monday, May 12: “English Teachers and Families”


On Monday evening, May 12, I hope colleagues near and far will join me for #engchat on Twitter. The topic is “English Teachers and Families.” We will focus on how the lives of families—those of our students as well as our own—intersect with our classrooms and with our profession in general.

Our guiding questions:

  • What circumstances are mostly likely to bring parents into contact with English teachers and how can we best handle those situations when they arise?
  • When are students’ family situations mostly likely to positively or negatively affect teaching and learning?
  • What lessons have we learned about how to help our students’ families understand our classrooms and bring them into closer contact with us?
  • What’s it like to be both an English teacher and a parent? Do the roles ever overlap?

The one-hour conversation begins at 7 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. Central, and 4 p.m Pacific, 1 a.m. Tuesday in central Europe, and 9 a.m. Tuesday in Australia. Others elsewhere are welcome too. Please let me know if I can help you figure out the time.

I’m looking forward to a lively hour with thoughtful literacy educators on a topic that touches us all. Thanks for joining in.

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2 Responses to #engchat on Monday, May 12: “English Teachers and Families”

  1. This looks like a GREAT topic. Unfortunately I’ll have to miss it because of softball. I’m definitely going to check out the archive. Good luck!


  2. glenda funk says:

    Definitely a compelling topic, Gary. I’ve definitely had some challenges in terms of parents this year. I’ve been yelled at, hung up on, and have had to deal w/ several parents who email constantly wanting special treatment for their children. I had a parent refuse to leave my room when she knew a student was awaiting a tutoring session (The student waited more than 30 minutes.). The parent didn’t need to talk to me; it’s more that she needed “a friend to talk to.” I’ve also had a colleague’s child in my class, and both have presented unique challenges because of the family dynamic and their personal issues. I’ve also had a record number of special services students in my classes this year, and you know some of the extra work I’ve taken on. So I’ll probably not join #engchat Monday, even though the topic is one that interests me quite a lot. I’ll try to check out the archive later.


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