¿What’s Not Wrong?: The Shirt

ww gearI’m super-excited to visit Fremd High School in a few weeks as part of Writers Week XXI, a top-notch writing-palooza. This is the first edition of Writers Week that I haven’t been involved in as an organizer, and I’m as proud as can be of how it’s coming together under new leadership.

This year the organizers have produced a line of Writers Week gear that includes a ¿What’s Not Wrong? shirt. A little part of me wants to hide under a rock at the idea of anything that seems like self-promotion, but mostly I’m whoop-honored to have ¿What’s Not Wrong? on a Writers Week shirt. And really, I’m glad they are lifting up the idea that we can make ourselves and those around us a little happier if we focus on what isn’t wrong at least as much as we focus on what is wrong.wnw shirt

In addition to ¿What’s Not Wrong? shirts, you can also order shirts featuring other Writers Week XXI guests, including a Tony Romano “If You Eat You Never Die” shirt, shirts with poems by Mary Fons and Sierra DeMulder, FANBOYS shirts, and other Writers Week XXI commemorative gear in various designs.

So, if you’re inclined to support Writers Week, or put more of the ¿What’s Not Wrong? attitude out in the world, or if you just need another t-shirt or two, please head over to the web site and place an order. The good people at Fremdland will ship it out to you if you’re not local. The web site is www.janorsports.net and your password is writers2015.  Each sale benefits the Writers Week program, which is awesome.

(Maybe you can tell that I like the inverted question mark used by our Spanish-speaking friends. Don’t you agree that it’s kind of nice to know that a group of words is a question right off the bat instead of being forced to wait until the end of a sentence? When I use ¿What’s Not Wrong? in class, that inverted question mark is always part of the deal.)

Thank you.

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