Review: FUTURE SHOCK by Elizabeth Briggs

Future ShockElena Martinez remembers everything, but that doesn’t help her much. Her mother is dead, and her father is in prison. She lives in a variety of foster homes. Her tattoos might be a hint that she is tough and fearless.

When Elena and four other teens with hard lives are recruited for a mysterious corporate time travel mission, she has nothing to lose. If the group returns successfully, they will be richly rewarded. If they fail, oh well—just some more foster kids who didn’t make it to adulthood.

The mission is to travel ten years into the future, spend one day, and return to tell the Aether corporation about everything the kids see and experience. Will Elena’s perfect memory work if she is remembering the future? Is the Aether corporation’s mission as safe as promised?

Future Shock is a fast-paced adventure with memorable characters, plot twists and cliff-hangers, and cool speculation about gadgets and daily life in the relatively near future. This page-turner by Elizabeth Briggs gives us the first in a new series featuring a psychological intrigue and a gritty heroine.

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  1. Carlos Bill says:

    Unrelated to the article….Gary, you were my teacher many moons ago and I wanted to share something with you. Do you have a personal email?

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    • Hello, Carlos. I remember you, of course. How about this: The services tab on my blog has a contact form. If you use that, it will go to my email. I’ll respond to it, and then you’ll have my email. I’m hesitant to post it here because of spam sweepers. Thanks for getting in touch with me. I’m eager to see what you have in mind to share.


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