Photo by Alyse Liebovich

Photo by Alyse Liebovich

Most of my learning comes from my family and my work.  Although I was a military brat for a big chunk of my childhood, I finished growing up in Iowa (or maybe not at all).

I became a high school English teacher in 1980.  My first job was at a small school (about 140 students in grades 9-12) in central Iowa.  Then we moved to suburban Dallas, Texas for a couple of years.  We returned to the midwest in 1987, and I was a teacher at William Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois until my retirement in 2014, serving as the school’s fourth English department chair from 2001-2007.  I am currently an adjunct writing instructor and writing center tutor at William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, Illinois.

Along with Tony Romano, I’m the co-author of Expository Composition: Discovering Your Voice (EMC/Publishing). Writing, speaking, and consulting on issues related to teaching, professional development, and literacy instruction are also important aspects of my work.

Thanks for looking at this blog.  Your comments and questions are always welcome.


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  1. George LeClaire says:

    I am a Daily Herald photographer at the Daily Herald I spotted you on twitter and noticed that the links you are using in your messages are hard to spot because they are the same color as the text. You can change that fast in settings. Let me know if I can help. I am on twitter as @dhphotogeorge and I add you to my account.
    Thank you!


    • Hmm. Thanks, George. I’ll take a look at that. I use TweetDeck more than Twitter.com, so I don’t know if the settings work the same way there. If anyone else is having a problem with my links, please let me know.


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  3. genefehler says:

    Gary, just read your sept. 28 blog about baseball books. I appreciate your comments about my Center Field Grasses. In case you don’t know, it will be re-issued in softcover by McFarland on this Oct. 30. It will actually have a cover design!

    Gene Fehler


  4. Glad to have stumbled upon your blog–seems we have a lot in common. Look forward to reading more from you.


  5. Ishan says:

    Hey Gary,

    Hope you’re having a great day!

    I’m doing an expert roundup on my site and I think many new English teachers looking at good education technology products for their classroom would love to know your answer to this question :

    If you could only use 3 Education technology tools/apps/sites for your teaching which 3 tools would you choose? e.g. Grammarly, Remind, and Skype.

    Thanks in advance!

    As soon as I’m done compiling the results, I would inform and link back to your blog.

    Thank you!


  6. Holly Denman says:

    Just tripped across your blog as a school administrator. I loved the typo in the second paragraph in your about section! My father was an English teacher for 30 years and it’s the kind of thing he would do just to see if anyone was reading. Have read several back articles thus far and enjoyed them all. Well done!


  7. Cheryl says:

    Happened upon this website after enjoying Curio Poetry. It’s possible that I actually knew you in Iowa. Anyway, the format of Curio is great, and enjoyed this site as well, particularly the Twain quotes. Thanks. – Cheryl Thompson

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    • Interesting. Although I published several dozen poems about twenty years ago, the Gary Anderson on Curio Poetry isn’t me. I like his poems though, and I’m glad you found your way to my blog through that site. Can you give me any more bread crumbs to help figure out if we know each other from Iowa? Thanks.


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